Meet Our Team

Sue Jones

Managing Director UK

Teamwork makes the dream work and in a small family run business its essential that our Team share the same goals, visions and work ethics to enable us to reach our dream together.

At Evolution Childcare we really have developed a strong solid team talented individuals whose credentials are second to none. Our team work incredibly hard to go that extra mile to support our parents, nurture our team and guide our staff to be the very best they can be! I am incredibly proud to be an integral part of this wonderful team, where work doesn't feel like work and each day the challenges that lie ahead are tackled together, wholeheartedly supporting one another.

Quite simply when you love the job you do and so do the likeminded people around you, you never feel like it's a 'job' it's a journey we are all on together!


Abeer Rasti

Managing Director Bahrain

It’s my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the family of Evolution Childcare, not only because it’s my passion but also because Providing High Quality Childcare in the Kingdom of Bahrain has been my Dream!

I am very grateful to each and every member of the family; our children, their parents and our professional staff who are committed to providing only the highest quality services to children and their families.

Our ethos 'One team - One goal' is at the core of this innovative childcare business, and is considered crucial to the well being, development and progress of your child, because Early Childhood Development is Critical to a Child’s Future Success. We wish you and your child a very rewarding experience at our Nurseries.

Lynnetta Harrison

Nursery Group & Training Director Bahrain

Here at Evolution Childcare Bahrain we provide a stimulating atmosphere to encourage your child’s development in a caring family-orientated environment. Classrooms within our nursery are carefully planned and extensively resourced to create inspiring learning environments in which children can grow and learn with confidence. Each classroom has access to outdoor play areas offering the opportunity for regular outdoor learning opportunities across all areas of the curriculum. Above all we provide a secure and friendly care environment in which you, the parent will feel completely relaxed and at ease when leaving your child.

We have a well qualified and experienced teaching team to support children's learning and development in a loving and caring environment. It is amazing to know that with our knowledge and enthusiasm, we can make a positive difference in the future of your little ones.