Your Child's Learning Journey


How to register your child

A BHD100 non-refundable Registration Fee is required to secure your child’s place with Evolution Childcare.

The Registration process is the start of your child’s development journey with us.

The information asked to register your child is very detailed in order to ensure child protection and data protection.

We ask that you always keep the nursery updated of any key information changes to ensure that we always hold up to date and current key information on your family.

Settling in your child

Parents welcome to settling in

Once you have registered your child with us, we will arrange with you, settling in sessions.

Settling in a child into nursery smoothly is so important for your Child’s wellbeing.

Children cannot play or learn successfully if they are anxious and unhappy. Parents welcome our settling in procedures to help and support parents and children and to make them feel comfortable from the onset.

Good settling in practices enable children to really embrace and enjoy what Nursery has to offer, and to be confident and secure that their parents will return at the end of the session/day and to overcome separation anxiety.

The transition to Nursery can feel quite daunting for a small child. This is why we at Evolution Childcare work hard to support you and your family through this transition. Through clear daily routines and structures as well as effective staff deployment and specific grouping of children at key times of the day we ensure that your child receives quality care, attention and warmth from our team in a welcoming and calm environment.

Our aim is to offer a home from home environment that not only ensures that the environment is safe and secure but also has strong links with the home to make this transition as smooth as possible.

This is achieved with the use of key pieces of equipment and resources, staff taking on a caring and nurturing approach and care and education being delivered at each individuals pace and rate to cater for their ever-changing needs.

To support this further our team ensure that key routines and aspects of each child’s normal everyday procedures not only are taken on board but impact and remain a focus for their daily experiences whilst with us. These can be anything from:

  • Sleep times at home
  • Favourite stories, songs or rhymes that they enjoy singing and being sung
  • Comforters and other personal routines that they enjoy
  • Special words, sounds or phrases that are used and a child is familiar with
  • Meal times and preferences
  • Special family photos that your child will enjoy seeing and making reference to throughout their nursery day

You could even provide us with tapes of you singing special rhymes and songs for us to play within the nursery for your child to enjoy or you could share favourite musical CD’s and songs that you enjoy within the home for your child to also listen to throughout their nursery day. We are only too happy to implement anything that you feel will assist your child in their learning, education or in their general wellbeing and putting a smile upon their face.

At Evolution Childcare nurseries we want children to feel safe and happy in the absence of their parents, to recognise other adults as a source of authority, to help them build friendships and to be able to share with their parents afterwards the new learning experiences enjoyed in our Nursery.

During settling in we take children’s individual needs into consideration and these may be adapted to suit the emotional needs of the child.


Within our Nursery we aim to offer a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment where children are able to truly enjoy learning through a play based curriculum with our aim being to build upon and support children in obtaining confidence and self-esteem to truly fulfil their fullest potential. In support of the curriculum we agree that children learn best when they are healthy, safe and feel secure and by offering an environment that:

  • Offers healthy activities, indoor and outdoor play as well as balanced and nutritious diets
  • Offers a safe environment that is well risk assessed to enable children to take safe risks and make mistakes as this is a key way of building children’s confidence
  • Offers a secure and protected environment with rigorous and thorough systems in place
  • We can ensure that our nursery truly supports the welfare and wellbeing of each and every child

Every child who starts within Evolution Childcare is designated their very own personal Key Worker. Our team are highly trained and this proves to ensure that the transition from home to nursery runs as smoothly as possible for both the child and parent alike. Although we have a Key Worker system in place we ensure that within each room all staff support one another and the development and progression of each child’s learning journey and assist in this through planned and unplanned learning opportunities throughout each child’s day. Therefore in the event that your Key Worker should be on annual leave please be assured that any other staff member within the room will also be able to assist and support you and your child.

The aim of the Key Worker is to assist your child in becoming familiar within their new setting and environment and support them in feeling confident and safe within it. They will develop a genuine bond with your child and you working upon building a close and professional relationship, ensuring that your child’s individual needs are being catered for and that their individual development and progression is frequently discussed with you and recorded. This free flow of information is essential and something within our nurseries that we highly value as it enables us to support each child in progressing at their own pace and achieving their fullest potential.

A sense of belonging

At Evolution Childcare we aim to ensure that every child feels accepted and has a strong sense of belonging whilst at Nursery, as once this is achieved each child will feel comfortable enough to explore and investigate from a secure basis which forms the foundations for play and learning through play.

We work towards achieving this as soon as your child registers with us. Each child on registration is assigned their own coat peg that has either their name, photograph or both on it so each day when they arrive they have their own personal space within the nursery where their personal belongings can go. This soon becomes recognised as being their space and an area that is familiar to them within the setting.

In the rooms children are also part of display boards. Here photos of themselves and friends are shown as well as on displays demonstrating their first hand experiences having fun, and hands on learning whilst embarking on activities and creative play throughout the nursery day. Photos of the children form the foundations for many of our displays and boards within the rooms to enable the parents to see the enjoyment that the children are having daily as well as sharing these experiences with them.

Exercises and activities such as these all support each child in settling into the nursery as they promote a sense of belonging this in turn results in each child being confident and feeling accepted and safe which builds upon confidence as a whole.

Confidence then manifests itself into broadening a child’s horizons which then leads to children trying new activities, speaking in large and small groups as well as having and forming new relationships alongside many other new challenges, of which all of these are key and important skills that children need to acquire.

Policies and procedures

The Nursery has Policies and Procedures that are the Framework to Evolution Childcare.

The Policies outline the legal and compliance framework that protect parents, children, staff and visitors in our settings whilst the Procedures outline exactly what we shall all do in each and every eventuality.

We ask you to thoroughly examine these policies and procedures on your settling in session with your key worker, and to sign to accept you agree to abide by them. The policies are working documents and may be subject to change. Parents are automatically emailed updates to keep you fully abreast of any changes.

Parents who do not wish to sign and accept any particular policies must sign a disclaimer informing nursery of their personal preference. This will be held in good faith and adhered to.

Welcome pack

All Parents starting at a Evolution Childcare Nursery receive a Room Welcome Pack introducing the room, the curriculum requirements, the team, key dates in your diary and general information about the day to day running of the room. 

How we support you

One team, one goal

At Evolution Childcare we believe that successful parents in partnership is essential to the success of a Nursery. Our one team, one goal ethos supports parents in partnership and is considered crucial to the well being, development and progress of your child. During your time at Evolution Childcare we will encourage and promote parents in partnership with a two way flow of information, knowledge and expertise. The more we know about you and your child and the more you know about us, the more successful we will be in creating a partnership that is fully supportive of your child.

Parent-teacher meetings

We recognise the importance of informing, supporting and communicating with parents. Parents meetings provide an opportunity to keep parents informed and involved in their child’s learning.

We recognise and encourage parents’ roles as co-educators, promoting regular face-to-face discussion and correspondence via newsletters, emails and social media. Access to children’s “Learning Journeys” and the issuing of child development records and reports enable parents to share in their children’s achievements and to identify areas where support may be necessary.

As parents ourselves, we share with a common goal of maximising every aspect of a child’s learning experience, and in achieving this we recognise the importance of establishing a trusting and honest partnership with parents from the outset.

At Evolution Childcare nurseries we hold parents-teacher meetings three times a year where you get to discuss your child’s overall happiness, development and progress at nursery and give feedback to us on your experiences.

You will also receive a written progress report at the end of the Academic Year which fully documents your child’s progress throughout the year.

The Management team are always present to ensure your every need is catered for and you feel supported and happy on your child’s learning journey with us.

How you can support us

Parents' involvement

Parents are the first educators of their young children. We believe that parents involvement is the biggest influence on children’s attitudes, behaviour and achievements. We strive to work effectively with our parents to enrich the curriculum we offer and raise children’s achievement.

  • Parents' involvement is encouraged in shared record keeping about your child, both formally and informally, ensuring that parents have access to all written records on their own children.
  • Ensure that parents are given information on a regular basis about their child’s progress and have the opportunity to discuss it with staff.
  • Be flexible about the times of meetings to avoid excluding anyone.
  • Welcome the contribution of parents, whatever forms these may take.
  • Staff guide parents/carers as to how the learning is organized and managed in our school. Parents are given support so they will have a positive experience.
  • Staff try to ensure that parents/carers from all sections of the community are involved in the life of the nursery.

We recognise that parents differ in their ability to offer support. We accept participation on whatever level parents/carers feel they can give it. No-one should ever be made to feel uncomfortable. The most valuable contribution parents can give us is commitment to their children’s education.

Recording & managing your child’s development

A child's learning journey

A child’s learning journey is a celebration of a child’s achievements and interests during the time they spend in Nursery. This accumulation of material and mediums, celebrates and shows the child’s learning journey and development. We manage a child's learning journey through:

  • Observations
  • Annotated photographs
  • Snapshots of significant achievements
  • Quotes from the child
  • Comments from the parents/carers
  • Dating and sequencing entries in the child's learning journey help our staff to indicate a child’s progress in their learning and development.

Children at play

For all children, play is vital, play is essential and play is everything. Play is a child’s work. Everything a child at play does, or doesn’t do, influences the next stage of their development. The early years are the time when a child’s brain is developing, making connections and creating a network of skills at an enormous pace and speed that are forming the building blocks for the rest of their lives.

Learning through play

By the age of five, a child has learned all the basic skills needed to survive walking, talking, muscle and body control, figuring out interpersonal relationships, amongst others. It’s pretty incredible and actually amazing when you think about it and it all takes a lot of practice. We can help our children by understanding that they develop skills in different areas and by providing opportunities and activities to help them on their way.

By listening, watching and tuning in to our children we can get a feel for the best activity at a given time. Some children are active doers and will need lots of outdoor physical, energetic play. Others are happy sitting at home with toys and can play on their own for hours. There are lots of ways of learning and if you and your child are having fun and enjoying both the activity and each other then you are helping your child. Sometimes your child’s gender will determine the way they play and how they learn.

As parents you know your children best of all so home activities can be geared to what your child likes and geared to the pace that suits them. Lots of the ideas we are suggesting are things to do with your child at play. Playing together is one way of showing your child that you care for and love them. You are giving them attention and making them feel special. But giving children opportunities to play on their own is also very valuable and providing them with things to do helps them get more out of play.

When we look back in fondness at our own childhood, good memories are often attached to the games we played, the things we did with our parents and with other children.

One of the best parts of being a parent is being allowed to play, to have the chance to relive all those things we did as children or to make up for activities we never did as children; swinging on swings, getting really messy using finger paints, dressing up and so on.

Child transitions, graduation & starting school

Child transitions

Child Transitions happen whenever children switch from parent to educator, move from place to place, or change from one activity to another. Different places and spaces have their own purposes, expectations and ways of doing things.

There are many different types of transitions children will go through in their lifetime. For example, when starting nursery for a first time, this is often described as a major transition in a child’s life.

Other types of transitions which can be described as minor, are when a child is moving from play time to hand – washing and then sitting for morning snack or between other activities in Nursery or at home.

It is important to view transitions for children not as single events but as pathways to later successful outcomes particularly toward learning.

Evolution Childcare highlight the importance of transitions for children and encourages parents and staff to assist children to understand the traditions, routines and practices at nursery each individually to the child to ensure that each child feels comfortable, secure and confident with the process of change.


To recognise and reward the achievements of the Pre-School children, each year at Evolution Childcare we hold an annual graduation ceremony for our Reception children. Each child receives a graduation certificate and has their photo taken individually wearing a cap and gown and then as a class so that the memories of their time within the nursery can be shared with the child in future years and happily be looked back upon.

This is our way of saying farewell and good luck to the children who have been with us for many years. The family is also invited to this occasion to celebrate and reflect upon the time spent, fond memories, conversations and development milestones that the children have progressed through.

Children with special needs

Evolution Childcare is committed to the integration of children with special needs. Our philosophy is that children with a special need have a right to be educated and to develop to their full potential alongside other children. Everyone stands to gain if all children are allowed to share the same opportunities and helped to overcome any disadvantages they may have to face.

We ensure that all children are treated as equals and are encouraged to take part in every aspect of the day nursery and preschool activities. All children will be involved in the daily routine, e.g., garden, music and movement, trips to the shops. When outings are being organised, children with special needs will always be included. Wherever possible we will promote positive images of those with special needs.

Child protection & safety

Safeguarding Children is something that all Nursery Schools have a duty of care to perform to the absolute best of their abilities. Child Protection is a multi-stranded identifying concept that reaches beyond basic child protection to incorporate the additional aims of preventing the impairment of children’s health and development, ensuring children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care, as well as protecting children from maltreatment.

Meals, diet & nutrition

Parents are asked to provide healthy well balanced snacks for their children. No sweets, chocolates or fizzy drinks should be sent to the Nursery.

It is really important for a healthy adult life and healthy relationship to food to get off to a healthy start. There is a huge amount of evidence based studies to demonstrate that when children are young it is the perfect time to reinforce and establish good habits of eating well and moving more and as they get older they will find it comes as second nature.

In the interest of children with allergies we are a nut & berry free environment. No nuts, berries or products containing nuts or berries should be sent to the Nursery.