Our Staff Management



Staff recruitment

Working with Children is a demanding and responsible role that is a vocation in life. It is a highly rewarding career choice and one that will offer endless opportunities to continually train and improve your performance.

To be a Evolution Childcare employee you must be prepared for rigorous staff recruitment and background checks.

This guidance, entitled Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education explains that safe practice in staff recruitment means thinking about and adopting child welfare issues at every stage of the process. The main elements that we have adopted include:

  • Ensuring the job description includes reference to the responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and the job specification includes suitability to work with children
  • Making sure comprehensive information is obtained from all applicants
  • Taking up independent professional and character references that answer specific questions about suitability to work with children
  • Exploring the applicant’s suitability to work with children as well as suitability for the post at interview
  • Checking the successful applicant’s identity, qualifications and previous employment history and verifying her health and physical capacity for the job

Staff employment & support

In order to ensure that we achieve our goal in providing outstanding childcare we ensure that our team, are also very clear of our visions and values and this is echoed daily as they work alongside us in accomplishing our aim.

Through the continual daily support and training that we offer to our team we in return have a highly committed, dedicated and motivated workforce who work well within the high standard parameters that are set and maintained on a daily basis.

Within Staff employment all new staff are supervised and  meet on a bi-weekly basis with a qualified member of the team to ensure they are settling in well. Staff are only classed as a permanent member of the team once they have completed their first three month induction and are then given a new member of staff uniform rather than a trainee uniform.

Our staff employment and development is not only achieved through internal training systems and programmes but also via an in-depth Job Offer Pack that is customized for their role. A section of the job offer pack is a clear definitive roles and responsibilities section that enables any member of the team during their staff induction to have a very clear understanding of what their role entails. Due to the clarity that is attained from the beginning of each individuals staff employment our team can work alongside these set roles and responsibilities and implement these duties as part of their daily roles which in turn leads to a highly skilled individual.

As we ensure that every team member is provided with the best tools and knowledge to do their jobs well, we additionally provide an idyllic work environment that to supports and assist them with in depth operational procedures and systems so we can rest assured that our team are well supported, capable and very confident within their roles.

In Evolution Childcare good practice starts at the top and is cascaded down through effective role modelling and supporting one another and by giving everyone a voice. Thus ensuring that every staff member is listened to and acknowledged we can constantly advance and make improvements and continue to thrive in making Evolution Childcare a huge success.


Staff training & development

Staff training

Staff Training is at the Heart of the Evolution Childcare ethos, visions and values.

Under the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage it clearly states that providing a quality learning experience for children requires a quality, well-trained and properly qualified workforce.

Evolution Childcare commit to:

  • Supporting our staff training in improving their qualification levels. In particular, those staff with no qualifications will be supported with staff training in obtaining a relevant qualification at a minimum of a full and relevant level 2 qualification
  • Comprehensive Induction staff training for new staff to help them understand how the nursery operates and their role within it. This includes information about emergency evacuation procedures, safeguarding, child protection, the equality policy, and health and safety issues
  • Continually monitoring and improving the staff training and development needs of all staff members to ensure they offer a quality learning experience for children, that continually improves.

Staff development

All staff embark on a journey of Individual Professional Development with Evolution Childcare.

We see staff development as quite simply a means of supporting people in our workplace to understand more about the environment in which they work, the job they do and how to do it better. It is an on-going process throughout their working journey with us.

We live in a rapidly changing world where legislative, social and economic developments directly affect the environment in which we live and work, and where technological advances provide radically different ways of working. Professional Development opportunities provide a means whereby we can keep abreast of these changes, broaden our skills and be more effective in our workplace.

Individual Professional Development is part of each individual’s personal ambition to be a better practitioner, enhance his/her career prospects or to simply feel more confident about their work and make it more personally fulfilling. It can be a step on the ladder to higher qualifications or enhanced job prospects or be required by professional bodies to maintain professional status.

Through Evolution Childcare's commitment to life- long learning, we encourage individuals to consider Professional Development as an essential part of modern working life – a means of managing and developing their careers over the course of a lifetime.

We are fully committed to the provision of appropriate, effective and relevant Professional Development opportunities that enable our staff to succeed.

Staff handbook

Evolution Childcare pride themselves on having a clear and comprehensive staff handbook that reflects the ethos, vision, values and aims of our organisation. The handbook is a working resource that continually is reviewed and updated in line with legal and compliance related changes.

By creating a working staff handbook Evolution Childcare are providing our team with:

  • Readily available, relevant and accurate information on terms and conditions of employment
  • A resource that addresses employment policies and procedures, and is available to employees individually for their use at any time
  • Full details of the Early Years Foundation Stage and its delivery, child welfare, daily routines and organisation, the provision’s annual calendar, etc.
  • A point of reference for employees on employment issues, including general terms and conditions of employment
  • Fulfilled statutory requirements for employers to provide information and employment particulars
  • Clarification on the duties and responsibilities of both employer and employee
  • The policies and procedures that relate to employment
  • A resource for our trainers as an aid to induction training
  • An aid to communication between employer and employee
  • An increased employees’ understanding of how Evolution Childcare operates.


Staff management & performance

Staff management

Evolution Childcare pride themselves on good staff managment with very low staff turnover and believe this is down to the respect we show our staff and the encouragement of a Work/Life Balance.

We believe that in order for people to achieve their potential in the work place they need to feel supported, valued and clear about what is expected of them.

The management team

Evolution Childcare have a responsibility to ensure that staff enjoy coming to work, find help when they need it and feel that their efforts are recognised. We pride ourselves upon the support we offer one another whilst also recognising that we must continue to improve as a nursery and place an emphasis upon delivering the highest quality education we can to the children in our care.

We believe it is only with a healthy, happy and relatively stress-free workforce that such quality of delivery can be made. We have a responsibility to all members of our team to value the contributions that everyone makes and recognise that we are as strong as our weakest link. Through staff management, development and mentor support we aim to encourage the sharing of difficulties and develop an open environment in which staff feel able to come forward with their problems and offer examples of their strengths.

We also wish to recognise that our staff may have dependants who will also make demands upon their time. We aim to provide opportunities for staff to attend to the needs of their immediate family and recognise the additional pressures that this can sometimes place upon an individual at different times of life.

Staff performance

Conducting regular staff performance reviews and appraisals is a way to ensure that all our employees are supported, motivated and encouraged to develop.

There are a number of ways to approach appraisals, but often the simplest processes are the most effective. We have numerous performance measures at Evolution Childcare to enable a holistic and balance approach to our team such as:

  • Observing
  • Assessing
  • Mentoring
  • Listening
  • Reviewing
  • Appraising
  • Training

From these forms of staff training we can then tailor and guide each staff member down the correct path before evaluating this annually during each staff members appraisal. From this appraisal we can then attain a view of our team and commence with the next years training and begin our training cycle again.

Staff performance reviews

All staff Performance reviews are set agains SMART Objectives and the five Smart Criteria:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

For example:

Identifying a need for first-aid knowledge could translate to the following SMART objective:

  • Specific – The employee will undergo a first-aid course acceptable to Ofsted standards
  • Measurable – The course should result in a certificate
  • Achievable – The course has 12 hours of tuition and arrangements will be made for the employee to complete these hours during normal working hours
  • Realistic – It is necessary for the employee to have this qualification in order to provide safe child caring at the provision
  • Time-bound – The course should be completed and certificate achieved within three months.


Staff rewards & team building

Staff rewards

Evolution Childcare value and respect their employees. Staff Rewards are key for us as a Company to recognise, reward and engage our team as part of our commitment to empowering our team.

Staff rewards should:

  • Feeling Valued and Involved
  • Have a Performance and Appraisal review
  • Have Equal opportunities and fair Treatment
  • Have clear Training, Development and Career
  • Have Clear Communication channels
  • Have Job Satisfaction
  • Be Healthy and Safe at work
  • Have good Pay and Benefits
  • Cooperate with our values
  • Have Family Friendliness
  • Have Immediate Management

We reward all our team monthly via:

  • Staff member of the month
  • Door display of the month
  • Staff appreciation of the month

Team building

It is important with team building for Evolution Childcare to have employees who are happy in their work.

When team morale is high, it is a proven fact that efficiency, performance, and most importantly high quality childcare is at its best.
For this reason team building plays an important role in the long term strategy for Evolution Childcare.

We want all our employees to feel they belong. It doesn’t matter whether young or old, everybody enjoys taking part in activities and games that are fun and interesting, and can give an increased sense of belonging.

We set our team building exercises away from the workplace if possible. This is because it places everybody away from the usual distractions and familiarity, giving people the chance to interact with their peers in a fresh environment, where they can bond free from the day to day pressures.

At Evolution Childcare we organise nights and days out to encourage being part of a team.